Banks of the Ohio

Banks of the Ohio

(Version d’Olivia Newton Johns)

Paroles de Banks of the Ohio

I asked my [G]love to take a [D]walk
Just a [D7]walk a little [G]way
And as we [G7]walked along we [C]talked
All ab[G]out [D] our wedding [G]day

Only [G]say that you’ll be [D]mine
And our [D7]home will happy [G]be
Down be[G7]side where the waters [C]flow
On the [G]banks [D] of the Ohi[G]o

I held a knife against his breast
As into my arms he pressed
She cried « Oh Willie, don’t murder me
I’m not prepared for eternity »

I took her by her lily white hand
Led her down where the water stands
Then I pushed her in to drown
And watched her as she floatted down

I started home between twelve and one
I cried, « My God, what I have done »
I murdered the only woman I loved
Because she would not be my bride

The very next day about half passed four
The sheriff’s came knocking at my door
He said « Young man come with me and go
Down to the banks of the Ohio »

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