Jesse James

Jesse James


Paroles de Jesse James

Jesse [G]James was a man who [C]killed many a [G]man,
He robbed the Glendale [D]train,
He [G]stole from the rich and he [C]gave to the [G]poor,
He’d a hand and a [D]heart and a [G]brain.

Well [C]Jesse had a wife to [G]mourn for his life
Three children now they were [D]brave
Well that [G]dirty little coward that [C]shot Mr. Ho[G]ward
He laid poor [D]Jesse in his [G]grave

It was on a Wednesday night, the moon was shining bright,
They robbed the Glendale train,
And people they did say for many miles away
It was robbed by Frank and Jesse James

It was on a Saturday night when Jesse was at home,
Talking with his family brave
Robert Ford came along like a thief in the night
And laid poor Jesse in his grave

Robert Ford, that dirty little coward,
I wonder how he feels
For he ate of Jesse’s bread and he slept in Jesse’s bed
And he laid poor Jesse in his grave

Vidéo de Jesse James

La version de Bruce Springsteen accompagné par The Seeger Sessions (Live, Dublin 2006)

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